Problem Solved.  - So Go Ahead. Because...Grip Happens.

Easy As 1-5:

1: Prep Surface of Saddle:

2: Prep Complete!

3: Peel Back Release Liner

4: Take Your Time. Then Go For a Ride to Fully "Anchor" the Grips. 

5: The Clip Below Shows Placement of Gel-Based Grips & Fitting Shims to the Under-Side of Saddle.

Big DO! 
DO Go for a Ride just after applying, to fully Anchor the Grip to the Saddle. 

DON'T Apply the Grips and then Store Saddle on its rack overnight, without riding first. They may drop off the Saddle, and in the morning, you may find the Grips, Adhesive-Sides down, on the floor, totally ruined and unusable.  

EZ Off:

Stay Seated.   
Get Comfortable.   
Ride Safe. Have fun. 
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The super-adorable Juan Lara III, 2006.

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