Problem Solved.  - So Go Ahead. Because...Grip Happens.

Safety 360°:
RiderGrips + Helmet
= Fewer Injuries

Riders: Is This You?
I love my helmet.
It's light, good-looking, ventilated, comfy, and has a clever little adjustment dial in back, for when my head swells up from heat during a ride.
    It's a "No-Brainer" - your helmet protects your brain... AFTER a fall.

Key word:  "After".  Falls can happen.

    But... you might be wondering: Is there any "fall-prevention" riding equipment that, when used along with your helmet, will help prevent falls & injuries in the first place?

   Glad you wondered... RiderGrip Saddle Grips are just that: A "Preventive Safety System", applied right to your saddle.

It's A "Double No-Brainer".
   Your saddle "wears" RiderGrips, to promote correct riding AND help to prevent injury... before it happens.
   Think it over. You never want to have to "use" your helmet for a crash... But, using both your helmet AND RiderGrips is all the better - twice as preventive. 
   We do need our helmets. But, while a helmet defends your only head, and only after a fall, RiderGrips work to defend your whole body... from losing your grip and coming off in the first place.

    RiderGrips: 16 Ounces of Invisible Prevention, saving you several thousand dollars at the Emergency Room, and/or weeks or months of lost work.

    Your amazing brain gets the equation:

1 Helmet + RiderGrips = Fewer injuries.

RiderGrip Removable Saddle Grips - for English, Western, and all other saddles.  Because ... Grip Happens.  /  888-884-4008

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