Problem Solved.  - So Go Ahead. Because...Grip Happens.
Q: Why do RiderGrips help my riding?

  • Imagine standing at the head of your horse, looking back at your own body. Notice how your seat and legs form a “Triangle. The 3 Grips ‘connect’ your seat bones and legs to work in unison, stabilize your center of gravity, and better attune to your horse’s motion.  

  • If you’re taking lessons, RiderGrips are a “Silent Teacher” and help you perform the instructions given during your lesson.

Q: Are the Flaps "Trim-Able" for a more exact Fit to my saddle?

To Fit both Jumping and Dressage Saddles, we went with a universal round shape.

Short-answer :  Yes, you can trim one edge, but DON'T both edges. – Trim only the ‘Trailing Edge’ of each Flap: the edge that sits behind your calf. 

A special adhesive bonds the layers of material together.

The “Leading" Edge (or "Front" Edge in front of your knee) should NOT be trimmed, so as to prevent de-laminating, as it is more exposed and experiences more wear and tear than does the Trailing (or Back) Edge behind your calf.    

Longer answer…  Some Dressage Saddles have Thigh Blocks that are very ‘high'. You can trim the Grips to fit only the narrower center of the Flap, where most of your leg and calf sit.  

Before any trimming: Take a piece of chalk and lightly ‘dot’ on the trim line. Don’t just ‘wing it’.    

And, Please…

DO read the Fine Print on the Info Sheet…we won't be able to exchange or refund if the Grips were trimmed. I originally designed the Grips for Jump Saddles, but, as a Dressage Rider, I also wanted more Grip there too.
When applied Vertically, they do fit most Dressage Saddles with longer Flaps.  

Q: So....How do they stick?
  With a pressure-sensitive adhesive, gentle to leather.
Q: Do they lose their stick?
  • They may get a little less sticky around the edges, due to arena dust, etc. A non-permanent, spray adhesive, commonly found in craft stores, when applied to the underside of the loosening edge of the Grip, (NOT the saddle) can "re-stick" the edge of the Grip to the saddle.
One customer kind of ‘goofed’ on her first use – she applied the Grips, and right away she put the saddle in her horse trailer, without sitting on them. Driving out to the Ride, all the jostling made the Grips fall off (after the saddle hit the floor inside the trailer. =)).
SO...DO wait until just before you ride to put them on. Your body weight and pressure will help further
anchor them properly to the saddle.
Q: Will the Grips mar the look of the saddle when I remove them?

  • Only if you remove them wrong. Please... Read the whole Instruction Page before removal. Correct removal motion - applying HEAVY pressure while ROLLING off the Grip in a parallel direction to the leather - is important. Best to place saddle on a table, for most leverage and body pressure. Allow the saddle to 'cool down' for a few hours before removing Grips. Don't try to remove / replace right after riding.

QOnce applied, and then removed from a saddle, are RiderGrips™ re-usable on another saddle?
A: Not recommended. Get a second set for your second saddle. Let your barn-mates try your saddle if you like, but leave the Grips ON until you're ready to replace with new ones.
Q: Is there any leather product I should use on my saddle before applying RiderGrips™?
A: Follow your saddle Maker's  recommendations. Different makers use various tanning chemicals
(oils, solvents, dyes) for their leathers. Just assure your saddle’s fully dry and free of dust before applying.
Q: About how long do RiderGrips 'last' before I need to replace them?
AIt depends on how intense your riding demands are - Professional, beginner, etc. If you feel that yours wore out too soon, contact us and we'll work with you on a replacement. 
TIP:Using "Half-chaps" with a rough suede inside calf may wear out the surface of the Grips, causing them to wear out sooner than if you're using "smooth" leather boots or chaps.
Q: How do I position Grips on the saddle?
A:   Any way best for your riding style, the horse's training level, and where your seat-bones and legs sit, and your riding level: Vertically, Diagonally, or Horizontally.
Q. After trying them, if they're not for me, may I return for a refund?
A. Yes. Your happiness is 100% guaranteed. Try them out for a ride. If they don’t suit your needs, send us an email for a refund.
I want my customers to be comfortable with this Innovation in Equestrian Sport. We go by the honor system here.

§  §  §

And now for the Package Instructions, Legal DISCLAIMER &  Limited Warranty Jargon from RiderGrip's Legal Department...A little repetition never hurts:
1. To APPLY:

  • ‘Site’ the Grips wherever best on your saddle’s seat and leg flaps for your type of riding.

  • “Roll” each Grip on, from one end to the other, to anchor in place. Bend the leg flaps out a little when putting on, to better anchor the Grip into the knee 'dents'   

  • Leave Grips on saddle until ready for new ones. When not riding, use a towel or saddle cover.

  • Let saddle cool down before removing Grips.

  • Wash hands first. With your thumbs or fingers, start at one edge.

  • Push the Grip downward firmly away from you, while ROLL-ing the grip off the saddle. 

  • Apply HEAVY Pressure while rolling. There’s a video-clip on the Easy-On / Easy-Off Page.

  • DON’T ‘tear it off’ quickly, or pull it AWAY from the saddle. IF YOU DO, you’ll likely damage the top ‘skin’ of the leather’s surface. RiderGrip will not be liable for repair.

  • To clean the Surface of the Grips, just use water and a sponge.    


  • Removing the Grips according to these instructions should not adversely affect the surface of the leather. Saddle leather generally fades or changes over time for many reasons. If ‘color wash’ occurs, it is restorable using leather Conditioner or the Maker’s recommendations. Excessive, prolonged heat can affect the adhesive, which, depending on the tanning / finishing process, may or may not ‘grab’ color or "gloss" from the saddle’s finish. Although it is cosmetic only, RiderGrip will not be liable for this.

  • RiderGrips are intended to adhere to your saddle without adverse effects, yet this cannot be guaranteed due to differences in Riders, Saddles, Conditions, etc. RiderGrip Ltd will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages including personal injury, property damage, or economic losses. Warranty does not cover damage from normal wear, failure to read instructions, inadequate or lack of information before using, improper use, incorrect removal or care, or failure to replace when worn out.

If you have a NEW saddle, all this info MAY make you nervous. New saddles often have a clear coat of wax or polish, to make it appear shiny and attractive. That changes with time and use. You can apply a thick coat of Bee's wax (or Surfboard wax) to a new saddle before applying the Grips. 
...Absolutely Don't:
1. DON'T leave your saddle in the hot sun, or the trunk of your car. Excessive heat isn't good for the Grips. If you have to tie your horse for extended time in direct sun, throw a towel over your saddle.
2. DON’T ‘tear it off’ quickly, or pull it UP AWAY from the saddle. IF YOU DO this, you’ll likely damage the top ‘skin’ of the leather’s surface. RiderGrip is not be liable for repair.
3.  DON'T stick 2 grips together by their Sticky sides...they're hard to separate.  But, you can layer them if desired.
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